Supported Decision-Making: Emerging Paradigm in Research, Law, and Policy

Peter Blanck,

Blanck, P. (2021). Supported Decision-Making: Emerging Paradigm in Research, Law, and Policy. Journal of Disability Policy Studies

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Supported decision-making (“SDM”) is an emerging paradigm in which people use friends, family members, and professionals
to help them understand and address the situations and choices they encounter in everyday life. The aim of SDM is to
empower individuals to make their own decisions to the maximum extent possible to increase self-determination. SDM
is an alternative to overly restrictive guardianship or substitute decision-making regimes to which persons with cognitive
and mental health disabilities historically have been relegated in law and policy. This special issue examines emergent
issues involving SDM in areas of research, law, and policy. It examines SDM from American and comparative law, research,
and policy perspectives, as recognized in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities, and from the perspective of the lived experience.

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