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Recommendations to Improve Collection and Dissemination of Disability Data

Nanette Goodman, Michael Morris, & Andrea Urqueta Alfaro

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Despite the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), in 2021 people with disabilities continue to struggle with economic advancement and stability. Unfortunately, in a world of “data driven decision-making” and “evidence-based policy-making,” gaps in data can put people with disabilities at a disadvantage in comparison to other at-risk populations for whom survey data and administrative data is readily available. Policy makers and disability advocates rely on data to make the case for investment. When the data exists for some populations but not others, we are put at a policy and advocacy disadvantage. NDI is pleased to see disability included as a key demographic variable in the mission of the Equitable Data Working Group and look forward to supporting the goals of the group in any way possible. This document, developed by researchers at National Disability Institute and the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University provides a starting point for the discussion.

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