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Project 4. Expanding Employee Status: Gig Workers as Employees or Contractors and impact on individuals with disabilities

  • Workers with disabilities are more likely than those without disabilities to work in contingent or non-standard jobs (Schur 2002, 2003, Schur, Kruse, & Blanck 2013).
  • While these jobs often provide flexibility that meets the needs of some people with disabilities, they also are generally insecure and have low pay and few benefits, and are not covered by many employment statutes that provide protections for workers.
  • The recent California law AB5 which was signed in September 2019 extends employee status to many independent contractors, giving them wage and hour protections afforded employees. This will likely include a disproportionate number of workers with disabilities.
  • Using a quasi-experimental framework, we will do pre/post comparisons of employment outcomes of people with disabilities in California relative both to people without disabilities in California, and to otherwise-similar workers in comparable states.