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Project 3. Unemployment Insurance Income Support as Facilitator of Return-to-Work

  • Employees with disabilities have higher rates of layoff than do employees without disabilities, both before and after controlling for other characteristics (Mitra and Kruse 2016).
  • The Unemployment Insurance (UI) system is therefore likely to play a large role in stabilizing their incomes and increasing their ability to search for meaningful well-paying jobs, so the debates over UI generosity are highly relevant to people with disabilities.
  • The 2020 CARES bill provided higher UI payments to workers laid off in the COVID-19 recession, thus providing a good opportunity to examine the role of UI in the incomes of laid-off workers with disabilities as well as a test of UI effects on job finding once the recession is over.
  • We will use the 2020 CARES bill as a quasi-experiment in examining the importance and effects of UI for workers with disabilities by examining the role of supplemental benefits in the personal and family incomes of workers with disabilities, doing comparisons to pre-2020 outcomes on these measures.