Podcast Episodes

Season One

E01: The Impact of the “Great Reshuffle”- With Peter Blanck, Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute

Episode 1: The Impact of the “Great Reshuffle”

In this first episode, Peter Blanck, Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute, joins the program to discuss the history of disability inclusive employment policy, as well as his own background and how he came to his current position. Discover how the changing nature of work and an evolving view of individuals in the workplace has impacted disability inclusive employment policy.

Episode 2: Advancing Competitive Integrated Employment

Taryn Williams, Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy for the U.S. Department of Labor, joins the program for this second episode. Taryn shares the Department of Labor’s overall vision for a more inclusive workforce and the steps needed to achieve this vision. Discover the holistic view of what policies are needed to advance competitive integrated employment.

Episode 3: Social Security and the Economic Well-Being of People with Disabilities

This third episode features an interview with Dr. Nicole Maestas, Associate Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and Research Associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research. Discover the impact of the social security system on the economic well-being of people with disabilities. Nicole also shares trends and potential policy solutions.

Episode 4: Pursuing Economic Justice for People with Disabilities

Rebecca Cokley, U.S. Disability Rights Program Officer for the Ford Foundation joins the program for this fourth episode. Rebecca shares the importance of economic justice for people with disabilities. Rebecca also discusses some of the challenges that young people with disabilities are facing when it comes to employment and what motivates her in her work.

Episode 5: Overcoming Barriers to Employment

This fifth episode features a conversation with Doug Kruse, PhD, Professor at Rutgers University. Doug discusses some of the misconceptions that employers have which prevent them from hiring people with disabilities. He also discusses how telework has benefited workers with disabilities and how to prepare those workers for the future of work.

Episode 6: Helping Employers Identify Qualified Candidates with Disabilities

This sixth episode features a conversation with Debra Ruh, CEO, Ruh Global Impact and Executive Chair of Billion Strong. Debra reveals the policies that prevent people with disabilities from seeking employment and the changes that need to happen. Debra also shares insights about the changing perception of corporations when it comes to hiring people with disabilities and how to help organizations identify qualified candidates with disabilities.

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