Sharon Rennert

Senior Attorney Advisor – ADA/GINA Division, Office of Legal Counsel

Sharon RennertSharon Rennert is the senior member of the EEOC’s ADA/GINA Division, having joined the Division in January 1992. Ms. Rennert develops the Commission’s policy interpretations of the ADA and has played a key role in the drafting of many of the EEOC’s most significant publications. She took a leading role in developing the Commission’s technical assistance materials on COVID-19. Ms. Rennert wrote the EEOC’s guidance on reasonable accommodation and offers expertise on this central requirement of the ADA. In addition, she drafted the Commission’s publication on ADA issues involving employee performance and conduct. She specializes in providing private and public sector employers with practical approaches to ADA compliance. Her expertise also includes helping individuals with disabilities understand their rights and obligations.

Episode 20: Long COVID and Disability Employment Policy

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