Jim Sinocchi

Former Head, Disability Inclusion JPMorgan Chase

Jim Sinocchi Jim Sinocchi has a 40-year history with disability inclusion strategies since 1976, when he joined the IBM Corporation. After his retirement, he joined JP Morgan Chase in 2016.

Jim spent 6 years with the bank as its first head of the “Office of Disability Inclusion.” He established policies and strategies to oversee and provide accommodations, accessibility and assimilation solutions for employees with disabilities worldwide. He also led, created and developed business processes, to ensure people with disabilities would assimilate into the bank’s robust culture, whether joining as a new employee or as a current employee at the firm.

During his tenure with the bank, Jim worked closely with senior managers to develop consistent policies and strategies across JPMorgan Chase & Co. that better supported employees with disabilities. This work was done with employees, managers and executives – including senior executives — who were essential to the success of the mission to include disability as an equal platform within the diversity, equity and business inclusion model.

Background: Jim sustained a spinal cord injury early in his business career while employed with IBM at the age of 25. He made championing the “abilities” of people with disabilities an imperative in his life. Throughout his career, he actively created awareness and understanding of disability inclusion through his blog, “View From the Chair.” He has served on several boards, including Jawonio, Respectability, The Viscardi Center, and others during his activism.

At IBM, Jim served as the corporate communications director for IBM’s diversity workforce communications organization, working with disability advocates to ensure the company was a technology leader and employer of choice for the disability community.

Jim holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University. He is married to his wife Maggie, and boasts a son and daughter, and their two grandchildren.

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