Podcast Series: Let’s Get to Work

Brought to by the Disability Inclusive Employment Policy Rehabilitation, Research and Training Center (DIEP RRTC)


Let’s Get to Work: Reimagining Disability-Inclusive Employment Policy

Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, in collaboration with leading economic and social policy researchers at Rutgers and Harvard Universities, invites you to listen to a podcast series “Let’s Get to Work: Reimagining Disability-Inclusive Employment Policy”.

Working-age adults with disabilities too often remain outside the workforce. Federal and State policy makers are working on ways to make the workforce more inclusive and promote the economic stability of youth and adults with disabilities. Creating policies that address the changing nature of work, the work disincentives and complexities in existing programs, and the politics of change can be tricky.

“Let’s Get to Work!” will feature guests with unique knowledge and insights to share their perspective on public policies moving the momentum forward and holding progress back. Researchers from the three universities will share what they are learning about employment policies as part of the work of the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)-funded Center on Disability Inclusive Employment Policy. Other guests from government and the business and disability communities will share their perspectives on ways to translate the latest trends and thinking to advance workforce development and employment policy that produces sustainable economic opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

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Join us and Let’s Get to Work!

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