Paid Sick and Family Medical Leave: Policy Implications for People with Disabilities

This research study will conduct pre and post comparisons of employment outcomes of people with disabilities in the 12 states that have mandated some form of paid sick leave, and the 5 states that have mandated paid family and medical leave, compared to otherwise-similar states that have not mandated these policies. The study will also analyze the effects of the federal requirement under the 2020 CARES Act for employers with 50-499 employees to provide paid sick leave. The study will compare outcomes for employees with and without disabilities in covered firms to outcomes for similar employees in both larger and smaller non-covered firms. The outcomes will include a) use of paid sick leave, b) employment rates, c) pay levels, and d) job retention.

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Douglas Kruse, Lisa Schur, Mason Ameri, and Lauren Gilbert
Initial research indicates that paid sick leave mandates are linked to higher employment and lower unemployment, with the greatest effects on people with disabilities

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