Expanding Employee Status: Gig Workers as Employees or Contractors and Impact on Individuals with Disabilities

Using a quasi-experimental framework, we will do pre/post comparisons of employment outcomes of people with disabilities in California relative both to people without disabilities in California, and to otherwise-similar workers in comparable states. The outcomes will include a) overall employment rates, b) employment rates broken down by employees versus self-employed rates, c) pay levels, d) benefit levels, e) poverty rates, and f) job retention.

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Paul Harpur and Peter Blanck
This article examines gig work—typified by technologically-based, on-demand, independent contractor arrangements—for people with disabilities.
Mason Ameri, Sean Rogers, Lisa Schur, and Douglas Kruse
We investigate access for people with disabilities to Airbnb rentals using a randomized field experiment of 3,847 lodging requests. We find that hosts were less likely to preapprove requests from travelers with blindness, cerebral palsy, dwarfism, or spinal cord injury than to approve travelers without disabilities.

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