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We focus our efforts on three areas of disability research on employment to drive forward opportunities for people with disabilities.

Man In Wheelchair at Work

Millions of individuals with disabilities become dislocated from work due to current or new disabilities. As a result, they become connected to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as both an income support and a source of other critical public benefits. In challenging economic times, they are also more likely than people without disabilities to be laid off and receive Unemployment Insurance. 

Our research in this area drives the conversation forward on employment, financial counseling and benefits, and unemployment insurance.

Research Projects

People with disabilities confront obstacles in obtaining employment, including stereotypes, discrimination, insufficient accommodation, and lack of best practices, as well as in obtaining competitively meaningful “good” jobs. 

Our research in this area helps enhance employment opportunities for various types of work engagements for workers and business owners with disabilities.

Research Projects

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Woman with Down syndrome Working at Home - Disability Work Policy

Even when people with disabilities obtain employment, they encounter challenges that can make it difficult to earn a living wage above poverty levels, and retain employment. 

Our research in this area improves job retention and quality by studying the impacts of wage levels, paid leave, and remote work for people with disabilities.

Research Projects

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